What is Aiveera?

Aiveera is free to use fashion search engine, that allows you to find similar or exact items from hundreds of shops. There is no need to browse through endless webpages, there is no need to come up with a text description for an item - just upload an image and discover similar items that are sold nearby you! Navigate the results, compare offers, select the most suitable all in one place!

No more endless research, no more tiring searches. Do not waste time browsing items you never intend to buy, only look through the ones you wish. Find what you need in a matter of seconds. You can also use Aiveera on social media, or any webpage to find desired styles shown with ease.

Aiveera is partnered with hundreds of shops across Europe, you can search for apparel, jewelry, accessories and shoes from shops located nearby in just one click. Most of our partnered shops ship within the EU in 3-5 days, while many ship worldwide in 14 days. We regularly update our library of available items and constantly expand our database to include more. Aiveera hosts over 25 million unique fashion items and is constantly expanding.