Aiveera – Important Changes Q1 2020

Dear Aiveera users,

We would like to announce a few changes and additions that are coming to Aiveera in Q1 2020:

-Chinabrands image search is going to be launched in early January
-CJdropshipping image search will arrive in February
-DHgate image search will arrive in March
-Expanded Aliexpress database will arrive in March.
-Aiveera will become paid service

With addition of Chinabrands, CJdropshipping and DHgate we will expand your ability to search for products. These three marketplaces have unique products which are normally not available on Aliexpress. Additionally many of the suppliers on these marketplaces have stock in US and EU Warehouses, which will greatly enhance your ability to ship products faster in those regions.
Finally it will put you ahead of any competition by granting you access to products which are not yet listed on Ebay or Amazon. Aiveera is a unique service and we aim to provide best image search results across multiple marketplaces for dropshippers.

Expanded Aliexpress database will increase Aiveera’s probability to find products on Aliexpress. We plan to expand to 2.5 million products in March, and another 2.5 by May. Our goal is to have entire Aliexpress marketplace cataloged by the end of 2020.

Finally with the addition and expansion into new marketplaces we are sad to announce that free version of Aiveera is not sustainable anymore. Hence we are rolling out a subscription based payment plan. There will be a monthly payment plan of 29.99 USD or a Yearly plan of 300 USD starting from January 2020. All users that register an account before 1st of March are entitled to 50% off discount that will last until the 1st of March.

We hope to offer you more alternative suppliers, which will help you grow your dropshipping business, diversify and expand your business.

Best Regards,
Aiveera Team

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